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I’m amazed I haven’t already blogged about the super talented Maxine, owner of Little Miss Delicious and all round fantastic woman!

I own a bracelet by her, it was bought for me by my best friend Samantha and I adore it! I need to wear it more!

I think I should let Maxine’s products do the talking! Here is an excerpt from her website to describe what she does:

Little Miss Delicious is a one girl operation run by me, Maxine Ashleigh Johnston. I hand make and design every item you see in the store myself with great care and dedication from my home in London, England.

Specialising in food that looks too good to eat, Little Miss Delicious provides you with high quality handmade jewellery that is guaranteed to make you and those around you smile!

I began making clay jewellery as a hobby in 2009, but it soon became so much more than that and I couldn’t imagine spending my time doing anything else. 

My goal is to ensure you receive the best customer service possible and that you have a positive experience shopping with us! 

This means incredible attention to detail in terms of crafting the items, packaging it and responding to any queries you may have. 

Thank you for supporting handmade! xo

Cute Blue Hairbow - also available in other colours! £12!

Kawaii Pancake Ring - because of current obsession with rings, I have pretty much fallen in LOVE with this fella! £14.

Delicious Donut Necklace - I love how this looks like it’s ready to eat!! The glittery sprinkles make me so happy! £22

Build your Own Charm Bracelet - I love the freedom this gives… but to be honest I would probably pick one very similar to the picture here… I love love love all the candy and sweetness! from £24

Maxine also does dresses, homewares, badges, magnets and plushies! (I seriously don’t think there is ANYTHING this girl can’t do!)

Here is Maxine’s BLOG, where you can read all the news from LMD HQ!


Sorry it’s been a while but here is an outfit post!

Today I am wearing my new T-Shirt from Etsy seller ‘I’m Your Present’, who I blogged about recently, a skirt I have had since I was really young, my DIY gem tights, plastic vintage beads and 2 chunky rings. Also not forgetting those trusty Office flats and my little black belt!

I wore this outfit to give a talk at a local high school. I went in to speak to the 6th formers about what it is like to work at a job I love and I am passionate about and also spoke about my little handmade business. It was great to see lots of kids with ambition to go to uni and I loved having the chance to let them know that creativity doesn’t mean unemployment. 

From now on my posts are going to be from the PC, as my app is so buggy.. this unfortunately means waiting until evenings for posts unless i’m reblogging or writing text only.

Now that I am back… is there any news? anything interesting happened lately in your life? Got a favourite Etsy seller or website I should see?


Wearing: DIY jewelled tights, net skirt, primark vest, belt from a dress I bought years ago, boyfriends bone necklace, star trek necklace and of course my office flats!

Hair: beehive, pink scarf

Feeling: pretty pleased with my jewelled tights! I think they need more jewels though… And I quite fancy jewelling all different coloured pairs too! Anyone else have any DIY clothing projects they can suggest?


Sugar sweet nails! Barry m base colour and nail pens on top.


This is for Dani, who has noticed my lack of outfit posts lately

Wearing: Fred perry polo, flamingo cardigan, high waisted shorts, primark tights, office flats.

Hair: grey headscarf tied turban style and roll fringe.

Feeling: excited for tomorrow as I’m seeing my bestie Samantha and goin for Japanese food!


It’s been a while!

Wearing: pink primark tights, vintage skirt, h&m tee, vintage belt, pop cardi, office flats and Fred perry necklace.

Hair: beehive with pink scarf

Feeling: very pink! I have tomorrow off so this eve I am going to sew sew sew and tomorrow I am seeing my friend Sasha, any ideas on tomorrows outfit theme?


Wearing: vintage kitten t shirt, new pink jeans, bone necklace and office pumps.

Hair: turban style pink scarf and roll fringe

Feeling: all cutesy pastel!! I feel like a teenager in this outfit! I love pastel colours and desperately want more sugary sweet shades in my wardrobe!


Hello all!!! I am back from my holiday, I had a great time and here is my jetlagged photo of today’s outfit!

Wearing: new pink jeans from trash and vaudeville on the lower east side, smith street tattoo parlour t shirt from their shop in Brooklyn, pop cardi and office flats.

Hair: beehive with pink scarf

Feeling: pretty damn tired!! My bodyclock is all messed up but I had the best time!!!


Barry M lemon yellow with light pink Barry M nail effects on top


Wearing: vintage spotty dress, primark tights, unknown belt and office flats ( an I wearing these too much??)

Hair: newly bleached beehive with pink scarf and swirl fringe

Feeling: quite upbeat with all the pink!! This dress is so versatile! Anyone have any more suggestions for how to wear it? I love your input!