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@mwjtattoo is the raddest of the rad! Love my new pizza tattoo! #tattoo #pizza #hoorayforpizzaday #iwanttoeatit #yum



Dave Voegeli

Did this one on my friend Katie Kamikaze in Leeds, UK

Ancient Art VB

Thanks Dave!! I really love it! x

Source: ancientartvb

Missing my best friends at the mo! Samantha, who has the ‘best’ half of our matching tattoos and lives up north, and Dave who tattooed these and two other of my pieces, who went back to the states yesterday. Distance sucks!


Yesterdays outfit:
Wearing: vintage trousers from mighty baby, t shirt from smith street tattoo studio, Brooklyn, vintage belt, pop boutique cardigan, skeleton necklace from accessorise, vintage beads, shoes from bodyline in Tokyo.

Hair: beehive with chiffon spotty scarf


I’ve spammed up all of Facebook with this pic so I must apologise in advance to those seeing this for the millionth time but here is my newest tattoo.. For all the tumblr peeps to look at. It was tattooed by David Voegeli and the little ‘C’ is for my boyfriend.


Finally I’m back on tumblr!!! I’ll celebrate with today’s outfit post!!

Wearing: super thick tights, black bodycon dress, planets silk shirt from pop boutique, Fred perry necklace, frilly socks from m&s ( I’m so sad they don’t do them anymore) and shoes from bodyline in harajuku.

Hair: new style!! Cutesy buns with a iddy biddy Quiff.. I love my hair like this!

Feeling: pretty hyper!! Just got tattooed and it’s sent me a bit insane!



I have just got back from my holiday to Tokyo a few days ago and finally got round to uploading some pictures on here. This was my 5th trip to Tokyo and me and my girlfriend stayed there for 17 days. We were joined for part of the holiday by my good friend (and fellow tattooist), Dave Voegeli from Norfolk, Virginia in the USA.

It is sad for me that the holiday is already over, but I now feel refreshed and full of new ideas and inspiration to put into my work.

There were many highlights of the trip, but one of the main events for me was to meet Japanese tattoo master, Horiyoshi III.

My tattooist (Horiyoshi III apprentice), Horikitsune (Alex Renke) was also in Japan at the same time as us and we arranged to meet him at Horiyoshi III studio in Yokohama. Myself, Alex and Dave then spent an hour or so with Horiyoshi III in his studio. After this, Alex was kind enough to take me and Dave on a tour of two local temples in Yokohama.

Shortly after our temple trip we visited Horiyoshi III tattoo museum, where we met his wife and son (future Horiyoshi IV) and spent some time studying the items and pictures on display.

Myself and Dave are both very grateful to the Horiyoshi family for their hospitality and warmth, in particular Alex, who showed us some great things that day including a fruit shop which sold $100 melons and bunches of grapes for $80! It really had to be seen to be believed!

We had a great time and it was a very memorable day for me, the photograph here is of Dave, Horiyoshi III and me in his studio.

Source: chrislamberttattoo

Wearing: old black net skirt, xam tattooist vest by mama’s gun, belt from rose and co, leopard print tights from god knows where, Fred perry necklace, bamboo bangles, h&m apple ring, spex and the city glasses.

Hair: down for once!!!

Feeling: all toothachey! But pleased that my tumblr app is working again!


Weird twisty leg pose!

Wearing: blue tights from primark, old skirt from my teenage years, smith st tattoo parlour t shirt (go get tattooed there.. Those guys are awesome!!), the usual belt and my boyfriends silver bone necklace.

Feeling: pretty boring in this outfit if I’m honest.. I love this t shirt though! I just feel a little poorly today. No idea on tomorrows outfit! Any suggestions?


Tattoo nails I did just now, rushed them a bit though!