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Syds birthday meal outfit!

Wearing: vivienne westwood polo, vintage sequin skirt, DIY gemstone tights, M&S socks, irregular choice shoes and a bangle from Rose and Co

Hair: beehive, grey scarf and a fringe roll! (yay my fringe is long enough again!)

Makeup: (new section!!) illamasqua eyeshadows with pigment on top, Barry m blusher, eyelure lashes, mac lipstick

Feeling: all full up after the meal! I had such a cool time though and wish my girl Syd the happiest birthday ever!


Wearing: t shirt designed by Chris ‘the count’ lambert, high waisted pencil skirt, vintage belt, boyfriends necklace and office flats.

Hair: ponytail with floppy fringe and Vivienne Westwood scarf.

Feeling: not great in today’s outfit but I love wearing this t shirt designed by my boyfriend! Check out his blog too! I think he’s Chris lambert tattoo on here


Wearing: Vivienne Westwood polo shirt, high waisted shorts, vintage belt from a dress, h&m leggings, blue fluffy socks, vintage converse and bangles from a wholesaler

Hair: beehive, black scarf, roll fringe

Feeling: a bit frumpy today but that’s more because I’m not feeling very well, I love wearing Westwood to cheer me up though. I treated myself to this polo just after Christmas with money from my bonus, it was worth every penny!


Wearing: black shirt, scarf I bought yesterday from pop, tacky gold brooch, vintage gold belt, primark high waisted shorts (these make a regular appearance) h&m leggings, vintage boots, vivienne Westwood bracelet from naughty Alice perfume, Dior lipstick.

Hair: Do I even have to say? Beehive.. Black scarf.. I need to wear a different scarf tomorrow! Roll fringe

Feeling: like a vampire with a weakness for kittens.. Love this outfit… It will appear again!

Today I am feeling drained and still worried.. Yesterdays events in japan really left me feeling upset.. I have such a love for japan and the Japanese people, that I feel as though it were my own home being destroyed. I am constantly thinking of all those affected and hope that life can resume to some kind of normality for those currently in terrible situations soon. Please spread the word about googles person finder and do all you can to help!